The art of Ad-Creation is learning from best practices and constantly testing and refining. There’s no assured formula for a perfect ad; however, keep these tips in mind when creating an add.

  1. Include punctuation in your adcopy

A question mark (?)  is a great way to add an extra punch and catch the attention. While can be used in either ad’s description or headline, question mark shines better in the headline. Moreover, one exclamation mark is allowed in one ad description. By adding end punctuation, you create a complete thought rather than a fragmented statement and thus makes your ad pops.

  1. Include Numbers, Currencies, and Percentage (%)

Helping your ads to improve credibility and visibility, numbers, currencies, and percentage make your ads stand out 100% of the time!

  1. Use words (or close synonyms) from your keywords

When a customer search, words that appear in the search query will be bolded in ads. With that said, it’s crucial to include keywords in ads. Clicking your ad, users expect to see what they look for. Even though it is dull to adjust all of your ads, it’s profitable to do so!

  1. Make creative and clickable headlines

A study reveals that most readers don’t read past the headlines. Headlines 1 and 2 decide if visitors will notice, stick around or bail. Needless to say, it is vital to optimise and test the headlines first. If time is short and you’re looking for the biggest impact, focus on your headlines.

  1. CTA (Call-To-Action) in the headline

Do you struggle to get visitors to do what you want? A right Call-To-Action can get the attention of your customers and entice them to click. See for yourself!

  1. Relevant Final URLs

Make sure your ads use the most relevant URL for the user’ search queries. Bear in mind that you lose customers with every additional click. For example, when a customer search for “Ray-Ban black sunglasses” they should land on a relevant page that shows black Ray-Ban sunglasses, not on the store’s main page or a miscellaneous glasses category page.   

  1. Maximize extensions

One of the key pillars to search advertising success is ad extensions. Extensions provide additional information about your organisation without using character space in your adcopy, and it takes up more space above the fold on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP). It’s encouraged to add all possible extension types to your account. Moreover, adding extensions on an Account Level guarantees the ad shows for many campaigns.

Structured snippet extension: Not limited to one, you can have different extension types. Occasionally, your ad could be shown with different types of snippets at the same time.

Sitelink extension: Along with the sitelink text, fill in the first and second description lines. Google Ads will display the extended sitelink if you ad has enough Quality Score.

  1. Several Ads per Adgroup

Aim to have at least three different ads in each Adgroup, especially if you use ad rotation optimization (Google Ads, 2018). It is worthy to try.  


  1. A/B testing

To know which part of your ad made the difference, you need to make sure all the variants have a common denominator when testing your ads. For example, you could use the same description while examining different ideas for Headline 1. Found the winning headline, you continue to examine different ideas for Headline 2. At last, follow with optimising the description with your proven Headlines.


  1. Don’t use all your space

You don’t always have to use up all the spaces. It’s natural if your fine line did not use all the character spaces. If you can create a message effectively and succinctly, test it out and measure its performance!


Time Management

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