Adscale Now Available in Japan, Accelerating Global Expansion.

Adscale is an automated optimization platform for paid media like Google Ads and Facebook. Adscale is equipped with its own Artificial Intelligence, allowing effortless setup and increasing performance by 20-40%. Powerful, efficient and simple, Adscale offers its solution to more than 4000 advertisers in 35 countries in Europe, the US, Asia Pacific and continues to expand to Japan.

Nagano City, Japan – September 5, 2018  SOPHOLA Corporation announced its strategic partnership with Adscale. Knowledgeable in the e-Commerce Business market, SOPHOLA Corporation will support AdScale with domestic sales, service operation support, and expansion in the Japanese market.

“Like other AI startup companies, AdScale has focused on Europe and the US which are easy-to-enter markets. While Asia, especially Japan, is a big market where trading experience and a business network is essential. Business practice is different, so I believe that deep knowledge and a large networks are needed to make the market successful. ” said Diederik Klaassen, managing partner of Adscale BV.

Mr. Iino Masaki, Representative Director of SOPHOLA, said: “AdScale’s unique AI and extra tools like excellent report / dashboard function and automatic recommendation functions (exclusion keyword extraction / setting, addition of new long-tail keyword extraction, etc., ) are all part of a total platform with great results. We are confident that domestic advertising agencies and advertisers will be able to drastically reduce man-hours and dramatically improve results at levels that could never be reached. “

The powerful Adscale

AdScale is running autonomously based on strategic goals, enabling painless setup and management, bringing 20-40% better results and 80% time savings. Adscale is the only system provides features that:

  •    Budgets and bids on Multiple Goals across channels, devices and platforms
  •    Uses AI for both budgeting and bidding
  •    Cross-optimises one Google Ads-Facebook budget
  •    Replaces existing optimisation, scripts or legacy systems
  •    Outperforms Google Ads automated bidding and creates own strategy
  •    Combines with platforms like Kenshoo, Marin, DoubleClick etc
  •    Allows maximum in # of campaigns or keywords
  •    Optimises on impressions, clicks, conversions, TCV, CPA, ROAS

About SOPHOLA Corporation

SOPHOLA Corporation provides consulting and outsources services utilizing overseas advanced marketing technology in Nagano City. Founded in April 2018, SOPHOLA focuses on social issues such as depopulation of rural areas, aging of craftsmen, dissemination of attractiveness to overseas, etc.


Location: Nagano-shi, Nagano-shi

Representative: Masaki Iino President

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