AdWords Campaign Configuration Settings: essential but overlooked steps

//AdWords Campaign Configuration Settings: essential but overlooked steps

For every AdWords account, from small-scale to sizable, checking the AdWords campaigns configuration is easily overlooked.

Be careful! The wrong setting can seriously damage your campaign’s performance and it takes a few minutes to avoid the mistakes.


Getting Started

Before jumping in, there are a few things that are worth keeping in mind:

  • To check multiple campaigns quickly, go to AdWords Editor – use campaign level view to select and bulk-configure multiple campaigns.
  • The default settings for new (search) campaigns -either created via a web interface or the Editor- will not optimally serve our needs. Normally, we make short order of the campaign’s Bid Strategy, Budgets, and Geotargeting and overlook other important settings.

Below are the 5 essential (often omitted) AdWords campaign configuration settings

  1. Campaign Type

“Search network only” is the one you will want to go for, not as the default “Search Network with Display Select”. The reason is “Display Select” brings you lower-intent traffic.

  1. Device Bid Adjustments

If your campaign structure is using a granular approach, and campaigns are separated by device-types, it is crucial to correctly configure your device targeting.

  1. Enhanced CPC

Regarding campaigns managed with manual CPC/CPA bidding, Enhanced Cost per Click needs to be configured correctly. Based on a few hundreds of accounts we managed, we learned that 70% of the time, ECPC does not work as intended- it results in an increase of CPCs and CPAs. We recommend disabling it unless you are certain it works for you.

  1. Language Targeting

Depending on your targeting countries, the language should be set accordingly. We can’t deny that “all languages” increase traffic; however, it does not significantly affect a campaign’s performance.  Be sure to target the right languages.

  1. Targeting & Exclusion Methods

In most cases, “People in your targeted/excluded locations” might be the best option to increase geographical relevant traffic.

For example, let’s say, a US resort is targeting UK tourists who need accommodation when arriving in the State. It is suggested that the resort manager should create additionally a separate campaign targeting the UK customers with keywords such as “US resort”, “US accommodation”, etc.

One step further

Spend a little extra time to make sure your campaign delivers the result that you expected.

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