Would you like to improve your Google Ads account to drive more qualified leads while reducing cost per conversion? Figuring out the untapped potential of your campaign might be what you want to do. This document will help you to discover the hidden potential of your campaigns for free. Based on historical data of your accounts, Adscale’s Performance Simulator uses its AI to calculate and provides new insights objectively.


The following insights shall be discovered with Performance Simulator:

  1. The overall percentage of improvement you can get
  2. A better way to smartly allocate your budget
  3. Keywords that are not performing optimally
  4. An easy to read performance heatmap for the whole week
  5. Budget amount wasted
  6. Better keywords to add
  7. Negative keywords to add
  8. And more

Get them in 4 easy and fast steps:

  1. Visit Performance Simulator page
  2. Enter your email address that you want your report’s performance received, then click “Run the Simulator”
  3. Choose an account, connected to your Google Ads and allow eu.adscale.com to access the account
  4. Select specific account you want to get insights for and get the report