Adscale Now Available in Japan, Accelerating Global Expansion.

Adscale Now Available in Japan, Accelerating Global Expansion. Adscale is an automated optimization platform for paid media like Google Ads and Facebook. Adscale is equipped with its own Artificial Intelligence, allowing effortless setup and increasing performance by 20-40%. Powerful, efficient and simple, Adscale offers its solution to more than 4000 advertisers in 35 countries in Europe, the US, Asia Pacific and continues to expand to Japan. Nagano City, Japan – September 5, 2018–  SOPHOLA Corporation announced its strategic partnership with Adscale. Knowledgeable in the e-Commerce Business market, SOPHOLA Corporation will support AdScale with domestic sales, service operation support, and expansion in the [...]

Finding Long Tails – A Task That Seems Impossible To Complete In The Digital Age

No matter how great your keywords are, there will always be keywords that, for better or worse, don’t quite match your target. That’s why Search Query Report plays a crucial part in account success. Providing the hidden insights, Search Query Report (SQR) shows the actual queries which are driving traffic to your site. Digging through SQR is a never-ending process. There is always more as long as your campaigns are running. This article discusses mainly the long tail keyword, disregards the other features in the Search Query Report. Figure 1. SQR potential long tail keyword insights What is a long tail [...]

The 7-minute Guide For an Effective Landing Page

Sometimes, all you need is one high converting landing page to bring in the big bucks. Here are some proven tips that will bring you an effective landing page. Keep it clean Landing page aims to entice visitors and drive them further down the conversion funnel. When designing your page, focus on making it easy for visitors to convert. With that said, it is recommended to use strong contrasting colors to separate the background, foreground, and call to action. Featuring a great color combination in your designs can change the tone of your messages for your visitors and enable the visitors [...]

10 Quick Tips And Tricks To Improve Click-Through Rate And Quality Score Of Your Keywords

The art of Ad-Creation is learning from best practices and constantly testing and refining. There’s no assured formula for a perfect ad; however, keep these tips in mind when creating an add. Include punctuation in your adcopy A question mark (?)  is a great way to add an extra punch and catch the attention. While can be used in either ad’s description or headline, question mark shines better in the headline. Moreover, one exclamation mark is allowed in one ad description. By adding end punctuation, you create a complete thought rather than a fragmented statement and thus makes your ad pops. [...]

Negative Keywords – Positive Performance

Unlike Search Engine Optimisation, negative keywords in SEA is an essence. The use of negative keywords has been proved to increase Google Ads account substantially. A throughout list of negative keywords keeps your costs down and maintain relevant traffic coming to your website.   Read on for tips that you can incorporate into your SEA game. Positive from the Negative A long-standing account with historical data and clicks would be simpler to dive into the search queries report, and thus an excellent negative keywords list is built promptly whether manually, or semi automated with our Tweak & Fix module. But what [...]

The One Reason For Better Performances Of Some Media Agencies

Running a media agency is hard. In some ways, it’s harder than running a more typical business. With a growing list of challenges that keep them from sustaining success, agencies have issues and different problems to think about: Low digital margins Different and high demands from different customers Highly competitive environment High client churn High cost of sales The list goes on. And that means they need different solutions.   What’s the key success that helps you overcome them? If I would tell you that you can free 90% of your staff’s time and increase customer satisfaction at a cost of [...]

An easy way to Discover the Hidden Potential of Your Google Ads Campaigns in Under 60 Seconds

Would you like to improve your Google Ads account to drive more qualified leads while reducing cost per conversion? Figuring out the untapped potential of your campaign might be what you want to do. This document will help you to discover the hidden potential of your campaigns for free. Based on historical data of your accounts, Adscale’s Performance Simulator uses its AI to calculate and provides new insights objectively.   The following insights shall be discovered with Performance Simulator: The overall percentage of improvement you can get A better way to smartly allocate your budget Keywords that are not performing optimally [...]

Tweak & Fix: 1-click For An Easy Google Ads Optimisation

Adjusting bids and budget, our algorithms are working vigorously to improve your Google Ads campaigns performances. Even better, you can further improvements by getting to know Adscale’s Tweak & Fix module. Tweak & Fix module Meet this digital consultant: The Tweak & Fix module. Throughoughtly investigating your campaigns’ historical statistics, The Tweak & Fix calculated and suggest improvements for your account and campaign structure. 1-Click Fix A new feature of Tweak & Fix module has released. It allows you to apply the recommendations with just one click away. Whether adding new keywords, excluding search partners or pausing duplicates, all these recommendations [...]

4 Easy Google Ads Tips to hack your performance with less budget

“How to improve my budget performance?” This question is often asked by Google Ads campaign managers. If you want to see a healthy ROI for every dollar you spend, here is the list of simple and easy-to-do tips you can start right now. 1.     Daily Budget vs Monthly Budget Some days your ads perform better than the other days, and on weekends your ads perform differently from weekdays. The best times to post your ads are when the people you want to see the content are on the network. With that said, setting a fixed daily budget might not be wise. [...]

Quality Score- What matters most and how much should you care?

Google Ads constantly makes it clear that we should pay attention to improving Quality Score. It’s a good way to gain advantage in paid search, but how much should you care about Quality Score? What matters most? What is Quality Score? Before jumping to the conclusion, let’s review what a Quality Score (QS) is. “Quality Score is an estimate of the quality of your ads, keywords, and landing pages.”(Google Ads, 2018) Along with max cost-per-click (CPC), Google Ads measures ad quality by keyword level and finally decides your ad rank. Higher quality ads can lead to lower prices, better ad positions, [...]

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