No matter how great your keywords are, there will always be keywords that, for better or worse, don’t quite match your target. That’s why Search Query Report plays a crucial part in account success. Providing the hidden insights, Search Query Report (SQR) shows the actual queries which are driving traffic to your site. Digging through SQR is a never-ending process. There is always more as long as your campaigns are running.

This article discusses mainly the long tail keyword, disregards the other features in the Search Query Report.

Figure 1. SQR potential long tail keyword insights

What is a long tail keyword?

Long tail keywords are those with three or more phrases that are very specific to what you’re selling. Visitors who use more than 3 phrases when searching are your potential customers.


Why should I use long tail keywords?

Ask a child “What type of food do you want for dinner?”

The answer might be: “Pizza topped with cheese, mushroom, and ham”

When both parents and the child know precisely what they want, they search with specific phrases. At this point, the searchers are “late” in the buying process and likely to purchase your products.

This also applies to Search Engine Marketing. Consumers with detailed search queries are close to the point-of-purchase and thus have a higher potential to convert. Additionally, Google Ads rewards more relevant keywords with higher Quality Scores. Targeting customers with long-tail keywords opens door to more opportunities such as lower competition, higher relevancy, lower search volume, and higher converting rate. You might also receive a better ad ranking for less money.


Work Less than Sisyphus

AdScale does the heavy-lifting – freeing you from the monotony of rolling the proverbial “keywords boulder” up the mountain. Automatically scanning the SQR, Tweak & Fix module continuously look for high-yielding long tail combinations.

After that, long-tail combinations are recommended in the client’s dashboard.

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