Unlike Search Engine Optimisation, negative keywords in SEA is an essence. The use of negative keywords has been proved to increase Google Ads account substantially. A throughout list of negative keywords keeps your costs down and maintain relevant traffic coming to your website.  

Read on for tips that you can incorporate into your SEA game.

Positive from the Negative

A long-standing account with historical data and clicks would be simpler to dive into the search queries report, and thus an excellent negative keywords list is built promptly whether manually, or semi automated with our Tweak & Fix module. But what about a campaign that starts from scratch? You have no data for it, should you wait until enough clicks are accumulated?  In finding effective positive keywords, broads/phrases could be run to collect exacts from search queries. Additionally, you can also create a thorough keyword research to start with 1000+ exacts. How about finding negative keywords?


Finding the Wrong Words

So, how do you find ideas for negatives?

Begin with these steps

1. General Negatives



There are general negatives that commonly fit in 80% of Google Ads accounts, in most niches. Think of broad search terms that their final intent is unrelated to your service/ products. Here’s a brief example list to give you some thought direction:

“Jobs” “positions” “Wikipedia” “videos” “youtube” “podcast” “bot” “virus” “sex” “xxx” “malware” “scam”

2. Keyword Planner

Additionally, you could do keywords research with Keyword Planner. Suggesting irrelevant keywords, Keyword Planner enables you to generate ideas for negatives. Watch out for places where your product or service does not deliver. Additionally, be specific for similar service that you don’t provide. Take a look at the example below

3. High Volume Returns

Use keywordtool.io or ubersuggest to check your top 5 highest volume keywords. Generating a long list of long tail keywords, these tools are sourced from Google Ads search autocomplete. Keyword tool enables you to find ideas for negatives relevant to your product and niche.

Less is More

A negative keywords list is needed to successfully inherit and optimize a PPC account. Remember what you exclude could also deliver optimal results. Besides negative keywords, optimising PPC is complex, expensive and time-consuming. We developed an A.I solution that promises an increase results.

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