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Easyleads is self managing; its your task to set the right goals and then the only thing you need to do is to monitor if they are reached. If you want exceptions to that fully automated set up this is the section to find out how.

A few examples for exceptions you can make are for special campaigns:
–  brand campagnes that need to be always on with high or number 1 positions
–  time restrictions (daily or short running, supporting off line communication
–  dedicated budgets per group
–  unequal values of conversions (its also possible to optimize on revenue)

EL system is not a black box; and as you have to get use to goal setting we advice to monitor the system closely for the first few weeks. KPI’s to look at are for example:

–  budget not being spend too quickly
–  are the goals set up correctly
–  are the results improving

It’s very easy to connect and set up an account. However, you will need to make a shift from managing the input (bids & budgets) to defining goals. An easy tool to do that is filling in the Google sheet (link). Copy and store it and add all information; expand if needed. It will help to get the goals clear and if you want support from us this sheet is an simple way to share that.

New clients and new accounts we will support during set up and start with weekly calls to check progress. EL needs to runs for a few weeks to allow the system to find the best optimization settings, there for its important to spend some time getting the goals clear. Important is the understanding that any exception to managing all campaigns automatically means a less efficient account. The exceptions should therefor be considered carefully – less is more!

Below items are according to the order in the application and not necessarily the order to set up.

Starting with AdScale is done by connecting EL to your AdWords account. There are two options: if you manage just one account it can be connected directly. In general MCC’s are connected and then the accounts  to use in the system are chosen. If needed a single account can be connected.

Connecting an account
Connecting a single account is simple and fast:

  • send us your AdWords account ID
  • will send a request to connect that you need to approve
  • we will create an account and send you the login details
  • after about 1 hour all the data is synchronized 

Then you are all set to start.  

Connecting an MCC
Connecting an MCC is quit similar:

  • we will send you a link to connect
  • you’ll need to grand access
  • we will create an account and send you the login details
  • add accounts to the MCC using the +sign 
  • after about 1 hour all the data is synchronized 

All account data will now be synchronized and on top there around 20 metrics that will be calculated by easyleads. These metrics are used to optimize but are not available from the AdWords API. 

After your account or MCC is connected the system will receive performance data from AdWords with some delay; it may take up to 24 hrs to have all relevant information in the dashboards.

Optimizing can be set up immediately; either via the QUICK SETUP (next page) or go to SET THE POLICY. 

With easyleads, budget optimization is fully automated. As an account specialist you are experienced in manipulating settings to get the optimal results.

On larger accounts you might have been using scripts or other tools that use historical information to modify bids. With Easyleads you do not need to do that anymore.

Instead you need need to set the goal of the account. If you want to get as much as possible clicks you will set the budget, the period and clicks as the goal. The system will then do the rest. If its conversions you want, you set the system to conversions etc.

If needed exceptions can be set and special targets if they are required. These exceptions may be necessary to reach special goals, such as brand campaigns, temporarily campaigns and tests. They may require some adjustments during the set up period but by no means are there to micro-manage the account!

And keep the main rule in mind: less is more. The less exceptions, the more optimal your account will work. Finally: the Budgetmodule is essential for optimization, it can work without the bidmodule.

Bid optimization is a major part of the advantage of ZenBid easyleads and also one that hardly needs any setting up. Keep in mind that the bid module depends on the budget module; without the bid module can not work.

Under bidsettings there are a few options you can change, below are the ones on group level.

  • On/Off: you can switch bidmanagement on or off
  • In AUTO mode all management is done – no configuration needed
  • In MANAGED you can change the following options:
    • Position: change range from 1-7 (first page position)
    • Bid range: in absolute figures
    • Bid Adjustment: are of the device-type: change between desktop and mobile as in AdWords

      (other bid adjustments are steered via the module)

      If you need more detailed settings the can be made by choosing the appropriate level on the right side. Might you want to control keywords without impressions too then you should mark that option on the top left.


In easyleads you can set campaign groups. They do not exist in or influence AdWords but are a easy way to apply exceptions. If you have exceptions to make you will most likely do that on campaign group level.

Groups are to help you as there are always campaigns with similar goals and often there are campaigns that can share budget. Depending on these goals you can add campaigns to different groups and give them the same goals or apply budgets and limitations to them.

Standard groups will contain one campaign per group, you can move campaigns around or delete all and start over. The groups will be used by easyleads to make calculations and steer the machine learning process. Also you can make bidsettings a.o. on group level.

Go to Budget Optimization/Campaign Groups. The standard view is by Groups. Create a group by clicking the green button. A new group wil appear below. You can edit the group name by clicking the pencil on the right side and then change the name. Add campaigns to the group by dragging a campaign and dropping it into the appropriate group.


Calculations and predictions to optimize are made for all AdWords objects in very granular slots of 6 hours instead of monthly budgets. For each 6 hour slot we predict, assign and update a budget that is then assigned to the best campaigns for the given goal.

However, might the module detect that conversions can be brought in at lower then expected cost it can quickly adapt to this new situation and re-assign budget. On the other hand: no budget will be spend if there are no realistic targets.

The budget module will predict the theoretical optimal spread and it will never exceed the monthly budget. It is however possible to adjust spend differently if that would be needed by setting periode exceptions.