Improve AdWords 

The first application of our self-developed machine learning is for optimizing Google Ads. And we will continue to expand the use: just around the corner are Facebook optimisation, BING, and Shopify.

Unique Machine Learning technology

  • Simple goal setting + advanced exceptions
  • Fully autonomously and auto-adapting
  • Increasing the performance of any Google Ads accounts
  • Combines with 3rd party setup and feed tools (e.g. DS3)

We created ZenBid EL to free you from time-consuming jobs, like bid settings and testing scripts. We improve Google Ads results autonomously. So you can spend your time on creative and strategic tasks – things that people still do better than robots.
The easiest optimizer for your PPC account – beats any optimizer and includes extra tools:
– increase account results with 20% – 40% (that is a guaranteed ROI of 10 -20)
– manage 5 times more accounts – saving time for creative tasks
– predicts and manages budgets (only tool in the world)
– predicts and manages bids
– improves account structure
– alerts you for urgencies
– provides automatic reporting
– click fraud protection
– quick start option in 5 minutes per account

And of course: no lock-in, monthly subscriptions, no setup fee, training included.

Want to improve your Google Ads results? Get started now with a 30-day trial!