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During Q1 we will introduce Facebook optimizing. Like you are used to get better results, higher ROI and less work with AdWords.
Besides getting better results you will also be able to optimize between FaceBook and AdWords. We wil find exactly when clicks or conversions are better in one platform or the other, and optimize accordingly.
We are currently beta-testing; if you would like to join just ping us: welcome@adscale.net.

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Easy Use – Complex Technology

We’ve developed our own machine learning technology focussing on pay per click optimization making it simple to use big data and self learning algorithms.

  • Goal setting – optimize on CPC, CPA, Value or ROAS

  • Quick set up  – with advanced options

  • Fast results – depending on account volume 1 to 4 weeks

Managing complex accounts? We will help you with setting up if needed, train you on the spot and review results to ensure a swift start.


We developed AdScale as we saw AdWords management getting increasingly complex and time consuming. While best practices and scripts are a good first step they still have the need of regular testing and adjusting. Most tools on the market just do that: rigid sets of best practices and scripts dat do work but are unable to cope with changes. A learning and adapting platform is the only answer to this. That’s why we started developing Adscale four years ago.

Complex Technology – Simple to Use. Artificial Intelligence (in this case Machine Learning) is an answer to many problems but the use is often limited to specialists or lab conditions. Our philosophy is that complex technology should be easy to use. Like a self driving car: enter your destination, perhaps with some conditions and enjoy the ride.

We delivered worlds first machine learning platform for optimizing both bids and (still unique) budgets. While the core engine is the best available we will continue to develop it both in quality and functionality. Further more we will apply the same technology to other bidding platforms: Facebook, Shopify and Bing are just around the corner. We will even deliver integration of the budgets: based on goals and time that platform will steer budget and optimize bids autonomously towards each of the accounts and its campaigns.

You’ll get the best optimization available and the return will be at least tenfold.

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