Running a media agency is hard. In some ways, it’s harder than running a more typical business. With a growing list of challenges that keep them from sustaining success, agencies have issues and different problems to think about:

  • Low digital margins
  • Different and high demands from different customers
  • Highly competitive environment
  • High client churn
  • High cost of sales

The list goes on. And that means they need different solutions.


What’s the key success that helps you overcome them?

If I would tell you that you can free 90% of your staff’s time and increase customer satisfaction at a cost of only one working hour, would you adopt that solution, or would you look for reasons why not?

Designed to support media agencies to successfully compete in this fast-scale environment, Adscale is an automation and optimisation platform for Google Ads that saves 90% of your time. Looking at historical data, Adscale understands your model and uses its AI to analyze the potential maximum performance of your account. After comparing the current situation and the potential situation, Adscale offers solutions to bridge the gap. It optimises 24/7 and automates the most time-consuming tasks.


Here are some samples of how Adscale can help you:

1) Automated Budget Management

  • Monthly budget planning based on past performance
  • On-going budget optimization based on real-time results
  • Easy control with cross-account budget utilization dashboards

2) Automated Bid Optimization

  • Advanced real-time AI algorithms
  • 24/7 automated bid optimization
  • Easy control with powerful policies & tools

3) Automated Quality Score Improvements

  • Automated analysis of search query reports
  • Creation of new keywords and negatives
  • Ongoing account structure optimization

4) Automated Click Fraud Prevention

  • Live monitoring of all IP Traffic
  • Real-time analysis of suspicious IP addresses
  • Automated blocking of fraudulent IPs and bots

5) Automated Reporting

  • Powerful white label report generator
  • Fully customizable reports
  • Automated and scheduled distribution to customers

6) Automated Sales Acceleration Tool

To get more sign-ups for your business, your pitch must be standout. Your customers are most interested in what your service can do for them: How will it solve their problems? How does it help them to achieve their goals faster? How does it protect them from the risks? How do they save time and money?

AdScale’s sales booster provides exactly that. Your client can connect his existing Google Ads account to your system, and receive a detailed analysis of his account. Besides the analysis, the client also has a detailed estimation of his potential performance account. Having a quick overview of your added value, customers can be attracted easier.


What is the cost for all of that?  

EUR49 /Account /Month.

Yes, less than the cost of 1 working hour.


So, are you ready to take on this trip with us?

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