Adjusting bids and budget, our algorithms are working vigorously to improve your Google Ads campaigns performances. Even better, you can further improvements by getting to know Adscale’s Tweak & Fix module.

Tweak & Fix module

Meet this digital consultant: The Tweak & Fix module. Throughoughtly investigating your campaigns’ historical statistics, The Tweak & Fix calculated and suggest improvements for your account and campaign structure.

1-Click Fix

A new feature of Tweak & Fix module has released. It allows you to apply the recommendations with just one click away. Whether adding new keywords, excluding search partners or pausing duplicates, all these recommendations are based on data. Looking at historical data, Tweak & Fix module understands your model and uses its AI to analyze the potential maximum performance of your account. After comparing the current situation and the potential situation, Tweak & Fix module offers recommendations to bridge the gap.

Click and optimise

We continuously strive to be better, we would love to hear your feedback and suggestions if there is anything we could do to make your optimisation process easier. Let us know what you think.

If you aren’t using our optimization platform yet  – you’re invited to test our upgraded Tweak & Fix module via our 30-day free trial!